...Transforming Group Dynamics
Testimonial Quotes

David's enthusiasm was contagious, instantly transforming our hard working and tired-out staff into the warm, compassionate, connected people they are. I highly recommend Ensemble Force as a team-building tool    pic
Leah Spieler MD
(Family Practice)

Feedback from two recent school sessions was extraordinarily positive and extremely indicative of the profound effect that it had on the staff. It appears that they felt that many of the skills and techniques that were utilized with them could be also used with students in their classes… the work of your organization could be a true asset to schools in regenerating or initially building school staff morale.    pic
Anthony Orzo
(Deputy Commissioner of NYC Dept of Education)

I had the privilege of working with David on three different shows. And in the course of those shows I found him to be an astonishing actor, filled with bravery, creativity and unexpected choices that kept the room spinning like a top. He’s, by nature, a kind of genial provocateur that causes a chemistry to happen between people that’s really something to behold.    pic
John Patrick Shanley
(Pulitzer, Tony and Oscar winning writer/director)

The facilitator created a safe space where people were not only willing to share and be vulnerable, but they were excited and enthusiastic about doing so.    pic
Jayme Zwerling
(Office manager-physical therapy clinic)

The facilitator’s passion and enthusiasm were infectious. He instilled a great sense of both trust and playfulness in our group, and had a good way of appreciating each person’s strength and value.    pic
Bruce Cohen

Working with David was fluid, soulful, egalitarian, loving, powerful, gentle, non competitive, spiritual, deeply human and yet connected to something larger, to each other.    pic
Cady McLain
(Emmy award winning actress)

The facilitator created a trusting environment. His expertise and compassion as a teacher inspired me to venture into new personal territory…a terrific experience.    pic
Phoebe Farber

The workshop was one of the most amazing and fulfilling experiences I've ever had.    pic
Marisa Lowe

I was immediately taken in by the facilitator’s charismatic nature and sense of humor. More than that, his wealth of knowledge in the art form feeds his ability to quickly engage people to develop a deeper sense of trust and willingness to open up and share on a very deep, visceral platform. You want to rise to his limitless energy level.    pic
Mark Gorham
(Wall street marketing executive)

I just wanted to thank you for leading a stellar workshop for our senior performers last week… It was truly a joy to see the group in action and I went home feeling buoyant and full of appreciation. You provided a wonderful sense of community and celebration and I’ve had several calls from members telling me what a good time they had. You definitely have a gift….I’d be thrilled to host your workshop again, anytime…    pic
Stacey Jackson
(New York Director of Marketing & Special Events | SAG Foundation)

David Deblinger is one of the top facilitators in New York City    pic
Reverend Rhonda McClean-Nur
(Education Director-Hospital Audiences Inc)

From the first moment I met David Deblinger I was moved and inspired by his passion and commitment to the power of theatre to transform, heal, and reveal. His experience with actors and non-actors has given him the ability to invite, dare, and prompt each person he works with to embrace their own stories and feelings as their gift to share and magnify as theatre, as art.    pic
Rainer Judd
(President of Judd Foundation)


How might this type of workshop impact your day to day interaction with fellow staff members?

"I think that team building and morale building is crucial for communication between staff and for making people feel connected to each other, which helps everyone function more effectively and efficiently"

"I think the workshop helped us get to know one another better. We were able to engage."

"This helps co-workers know each other and what each others job title is..."

"It gives us more intimate knowledge of one another."

"Feel more comfortable interacting with staff... Getting to know something more about everyone."

"This workshop helped staff open up to each other and do something different than just the daily work day. We are with each other more hours than with our own families. This helps us feel more comfortable around each other. I believe these workshops should be longer and happen more frequently."

"It truly helps you feel more comfortable with your staff, we are each others second family. More time should be devoted to these activities. I loved hearing a story behind every face"

"increases communication; became familiar with others personalities (and even their names ), easier to approach others, development of a positive morale; creates empathy for different jobs within the agency. The laughter... laughing together was extremely healthy... it is a significant part of a fulfilling life..."

"It allowed staff to feel more connected with one another. All the exercises were great, especially having staff share about themselves."